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These are the things we want your child – and you – to feel when you walk through the doors of Mini
Miracle. That’s why we have the highest standards for our teachers and our facilities.

At Mini Miracle, we provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for all the children.
We allow children to express themselves through language, creativity and physical activity,
by providing an environment that is fun with Learning.

About Us!

Mini Miracle is a bridge between home and school for children.

We have a structured schedule for the children which includes designated times for studies, extra-curricular activities and physical activities.

Our experienced teachers are constantly with the children, engaging them in various activities.

Our carefully chosen activities ensure that our students not only develop an understanding of the key concepts of English, Science, Maths, Arts etc. but also develop critical life skills such as leadership, creativity, analytical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills.

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