Our Curriculum

At Mini Miracle, we’re right there with your child – providing an engaging curriculum that’s based on Montessori and Playway Method to inspire children. Through a rich variety of projects children investigate the fascinating world in which they live, which enhances the development of emerging knowledge and skills.

Ice-Breaker Circle Time

At this time the teacher and children sit and discuss whatever the children would like to talk about - let it be - the weather, their parents, their routine at home absolutely anything and everything! They open up their heart here. This activity helps them to make friends with others and with teachers.

Logical, Mathematical Skills

Help children to naturally enhance their logical and numeral skills by following a play way method. Play way approach helps children to develop love for mathematics at early age. Logical thinking helps children to solve puzzle, boosts their confidence and intellect.


Music is the highest form of Intelligence. Considering the importance of music at early age, we have professional teachers with high quality instruments.

Fantasy Corner

We have a dedicated concept hall wherein a child can fantasize himself in different roles and have a practical experience of the role play.


Theme based curriculum helps children to relate to the environment around them beyond books. Puppet shows, filed trips, role play, getting real animal, community helper etc in school gives children true picture and practical experience.

Art Craft

Every child’s favorite activity. It is that time of the day when the child can get messy and yet create something that their heart desire. Although planned, this activity will allow room for their own creativity.

Outdoor Play

Play is the highest form of research. Hence, outdoor play is must everyday. Irrespective of weather conditions, our outdoor play would always be available as we have covered it. This gives more clean and hygienic environment too. We have sand pit, ball pit, lots of outdoor play equipments, roper ladders for physical, gross motor and fine motor development.

Verbal / Linguistic Skills

A child can learn easily as many languages as you expose them to till the age of 6 years. Hence multilingual approach is followed in our school. We introduce English : The first and international language. Sanskrit : It is the language of new technology. Sanskrit helps children to have better tongue twisting and pronunciation skills. Hindi : Our national language. We introduce Hindi reading and writing in LKG and UKG.

Thinking Corner

Where a child thinks, feels and expresses himself: What did I feel? Why did I feel so? I shall express – This enables the child to reflect from an early age, analyze feelings, emotions, relationships, social attitudes and attributes. It encourages control and mastery over the environment.